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Military Services

Serving in the military has its own sets of challenges... moving, deploying, owning a home, renting a home... why add to those challenges of life in the military? We can help ease the burden of figuring it all out!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I move last year?
  • Did I buy/sell/rent my primary residence?
  • Did I have a child?
  • Do I have a TSP account?
  • Was I in a combat zone last year? Learn more: Combat Zones Approved for Tax Benefits
  • Did I pay for uniforms, wardroom dues, travel, lodging, meals, or other out-of-pocket expenses that might qualify for a tax deduction?
  • Was I enrolled in any school/degree classes?

If you answered YES to at least ONE of these questions, we can help determine any tax implications for your past year's military service! Call to schedule an appointment today!

Learn more about Filing Your Taxes and Extensions for MilitaryDeferments, and Deductions for Airwing Personnel